I love talking about topics that inspire.  Being a leader in business and technology with many years of expertise, I can honestly say that I am excited of my journey and am willing to share it!

“Don’t be afraid to say, you don’t know”

In an interview recently, I stated this as a driver for me to be able to succeed in my career.  Being the only person that looked like me was never a deterrent, however it was a driver to learn and pursue more.  Don’t be afraid to admit that you are not familiar with the topic…. BE the driver to master that topic.  YOU are in control of your destiny.

“Global exposure is GREAT!”

I remember being in Sweden for a leadership meeting and realizing the things I am accustomed to are just not the same everywhere.  Being exposed to different cultures is amazing.

My daily routine is to iron my clothes with starch and steam.  Needless to say, this mini ironing board and iron came with neither!  To get my clothes to the comfort level I was used to, I took a glass of water and just sprinkled it over it then continued my day… JUST to get to work and I was over dressed… LOL!


There is always an opportunity for growth.  Let me help.