Web Designing – The dilemma for both parties

Designing is an art and talent which is not possessed by many.  Art has different forms and the most technical form of it is web designing.  Web designing not only requires talent but also unlimited hard work, learning and dedication.  It takes a lot of time for people to understand the little technicalities behind designing in fact special courses are offered for this purpose.

Web designing is a long and difficult process of conceptualizing, drafting and building electronic files with proper layout, colors and structure.  It might take days for a web designer to come up with his/her master piece.  The process of web designing can be divided into the following parts:


The basic thing or step behind anything is coming up with a theme or concept.  The theme is the pillar on which the entire building of site will stand.  A concept should be new and different every time so that people get engaged into your site.  Unique things attract people and building something unique takes a lot of hard work and planning.


The second step can be named as planning.  Once you come up with the concept or theme now is the time to work on it.  Design out a plan that what elements you are going to use for creating your website and with which tools.  A proper written plan will guide you towards achieving your desired result. Rather than doing everything in a hurry, give proper time to planning so that the next steps become easier.


It is very important for a web designer to keep in mind that the website under construction should be user-friendly.  An unfriendly user interface will only make the visitors leave because they will find accessing it difficult.  The layout should be simple and informative so that people can gain their goal without any hassle.


Easy navigation

For a average person, a website should be simple and easily accessible so that he/she can find their desired information without moving from pages to pages.

Unique design

A website that is colorful and has a new layout will always attract people and get more traffic.  The best idea to get traffic on your website is to give it a distinctive look by using bold colors and attractive designs.

Engaging content

People usually visit a site to gather information and topics that they are working on.  So make sure that the website has content that is unique in every way.  The different the content will be, the more it will engage the reader and the more the reader will visit your page, the better its ranking will become.

In short, web designing is not an easy thing.  So many points are to be kept in mind when designing a website.  Just remember that the concept of the website should be perfect so that the result is better than your expectations.  The better the website, the more visitors will it get.

Are you interested in creating your own website or taking your existing one to a new level?


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